In Solidarity Bulletin: Please support Iranian teachers’ union leader Esmail Abdi - now on hunger strike

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Esmail AbdiDear Colleagues

Please support Iranian teachers’ union leader Esmail Abdi - now on hunger strike

Previous messages of support have been sent in reference to Esmail Abdi, General Secretary of the Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association (ITTA-Tehran), who was sentenced to six years in prison on false charges, including ‘assembling and colluding against national security’ – in reality he is in prison for being a trade union activist. Conditions in the prison in which he is being kept are very harsh and he has been denied all contact with his family and with any legal representation.

In order to protest against the treatment of trade unions and those defending human rights, Esmail Abdi commenced a hunger strike on 30 April 2017. He is already suffering from the impact of this upon his health, with weight loss and other related health problems making many fear for his future. In spite of the issues that he is facing, Esmail Abdi has been resolute in his wish to continue to protest until the prison authorities take notice.

Following representations made by the NASUWT, Education International is requesting that the international community places as much pressure as possible upon the Iranian authorities, to highlight Esmail Abdi’s protest and to ensure that they are aware that Esmail Abdi has the support of as many people possible globally. The NASUWT continues to stand in solidarity with the International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI) to protest this unjust jail sentence. We will continue to shine a spotlight upon the issues, nationally and internationally, until Esmail Abdi is released.

What you can do to get involved

  • Go to for more information including details of how to contact the Iranian authorities.
  • Share this message with your friends, family and colleagues.

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Dr Patrick Roach

Deputy General Secretary

Bulletins - Government's review of the pension age

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Please find attached bulletins on the Government’s review of the pension age.

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